Friday, December 15, 2017

House Party

I couldn't find that wretched Elf this morning so I asked The Doc if he had seen him.
"Yes" came the reply. "His in the lounge playing with the House calendar."

Hmm seems innocent enough.

 Spoke too soon!


Just you come out of there this minute and bring all those sweeties with you.

Mia's Birthday Candy

I was one of the lucky winners of Mia's Birthday Candy and when the parcel arrived I just could not believe the amount of sumptuous goodies that Mia had managed to cram into the parcel. The two following photos really do not do them justice but you will get some idea of the lovely items that I received.
 There were sewing items , ribbons, serviettes , stamps, papers  galore.Mia had even included a duffel bag to store it all in.  You can just see it in the back ground.
 There was also a lot of christmas type items too. Certainly enough to keep me occupied for a good while. Thankyou Mia for my lovely parcel and brightening my day for me. (I even forgot I had the flu whilst unpacking it all) Lol.  Please pop over to Mia's blog where she is always making and showing her unique style of crafting..

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


So the conversation yesterday went along the lines of:

The Doc      To me.  "I see your  eating  plenty of the grapes I bought for you then?"

Me             Looking puzzled. "No just a few yesterday but none  today."

The Doc     "Well the bowls nearly empty now"!!


Me        " L'th"?  Just you come out from under the dinning room table this minute and bring that bowl of grapes with you"

To be continued.

Monday, December 11, 2017


So  let me recap. Having given up and  gone to bed early only to spend the time  having hallucinations and nightmares I woke up and turned, expecting to have The Doc reassure me that I had indeed dreamt that awful Elf arrived the night before but instead..................................................

This is what I saw.

I guess it really is true then.

If you missed how he managed to get past my security cordon you can read the post  Foiled Again. Here 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Gift Bags.

It's the last challenge of the year for the Christmas Card club to show our latest makes. Rita chose the theme of Christmas gifts and I came up with the following idea.

Gift bags for containing small items  such as chocolates.sweets, jewellry etc.

I made 7  in total in 3 different colourways but showing only 3 here today.

 I followed a tutorial by Tonic (as it is their dies I have used to make the box) but I did make one modification on the handles which I reinforced on the insides  so using 4 handle shapes and not just the two in the tutorial. You can find the link on the Tonic Studio site/You tube..  The Flowers were made using a Poinsettia die by Ultimate Crafts. First cutting out in green and then several in red and fussy cutting to get the different layers. I used stickles glue and beads for the centres.
I will be around all your lovely blogs as soon as I can.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Foiled Again!!

Sorry for my absence. Still not feeling too tickety boo and definitely not firing on all four cylinders yet but needs must so time to crack on.
Speaking of time I'm not sure where last week went too or what that awful Elf got up to (whilst I was indisposed ) but lets recap to the happy hour  of 11.30pm last Thursday  30th November when The Doc and I were sitting congratulating ourselves that
A.   The elves had all been packed off to finishing school up at the North Pole.

B. Side garden gate bolted and padlocked. Key in The Docs pocket. ✔
     Front door locked and dead bolt on  and also the letterbox sealed with strong adhesive..✔
     Back door locked. Key on peg away from window. ✔
     Cat flap securely shut and locked.✔
     Cat indoors.✔
     Windows securely bolted.✔
     Wire cage firmly attached to chimneystack.✔

So I was just saying to The Doc that my changing the password every five minutes had really worked as nothing/no one unauthorised had entered the building.

There was a ghastly silence until the The Doc said
"Well if you don't include the postman banging on the front door (The door bell having been tapped up)  earlier this afternoon and delivering a box"

The ensuing conversation went roughly like this.

Me.  "What box and who was it for?"

The Doc.   "Well it just said for Whom it may concern!"

Me.   "Where is it now then?"

The Doc. " I don't know. Norm took it upstairs, as though he wasn't expecting anything he thought it might be just be an early christmas present from his beloved 'Sammy'.

Me.      NORM?
            Wherever you are DO NOT OPEN THAT BOX!!!!!

Too late

At which point I gave up and went to bed for the entire weekend!!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Just to say

Having struggled all week I'm now sick in bed with this cold/flu bug going the rounds at the moment and to cap it all that awful Elf is back too. It's enough to drive you to drink. Well the mulled wine anyways!  Normal services will resume asap.